Leading ironmongery solution provider.

NT provides qualified technical advice on product selection together with a computerized door scheduling, supply and install fire rated doors & locks installation and cost estimating service. And most importantly, unrivalled customer service levels. Our product price will continue to be competitive in the market place. We make no promise to offer the cheapest product price but will provide value for money throughout our product range with well engineered products that perform as they should over long periods of service. Warranty period up to 30 years on selected brands.

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Up to 10 years warranty


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Leading ironmongery solution provider.

Our product line include various quality brands, such as Atena Door Closer, Albion Door Accessories, Briton Panic Exit Device-UK, Dorma Door Control, Daiken Sliding Door Systems, Dorma Lockset and Sliding Door System, Dopa Designer’s Door Handle, Falcon Locks-USA, Geze – Door Control, Ives Door Accessories-USA, Kaba Door Hardware, LCN Door Closer – USA, NHN Floor Door Closer – Japan, Olivari Designer Door Handle– Italy, Henderson Sliding Track System – UK, Schlage Commercial & Residential Door Lock, SAB Locks – Italy, Von Duprin Panic Exit Device – USA, Zero Door Seals – USA, Raven Door Seal – Australia, New Star Door Closer – Japan, Showa Door Knob – Japan, Union Lock – UK, Yale Lock, Yank Door Hardware; Nitto Kohki Auto Hinge, and our in-house brand NT – Ironmongery

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